My sweet educomplex


I study at the Mkhitar Sebastatsi educomplex. We love our scholl’s. But has positive and negative sides. Our educomplex is a very good place for leisure. Here, after lessons we can gathere with friends and talk at scholl clubs or just spend a good time. What is more, actually. The educational complex the only in Armenia.  However, these are positive aspects, it also has negatives. There’s so much. I do not like the way of assessment. I do not know why we should have blog. It is not good. I want to chabge this assessment, and do our homeworks in our sky drives. But I think that blog’s are also useful. I like our canteen very much. There provideng us with plenty of delicuos food. It is also good, that the students are in friendly realioship, with teachers. In my opinaian it is very important. I’m sure, when leave scholl, I will remember my educomplex and my lovely teachers.

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